One in a Billion?

One in a Billion?

Not great odds if you’re a betting person. On the other hand, If you’re a user of Yahoo email you’ve hit the jackpot and not in a good way! As I write this, Yahoo just announced that more than ONE BILLION Yahoo user accounts may have been stolen by hackers including phone numbers, birthdates and security questions. What could you have done to prevent this? – Nothing. The blame for the breach lies squarely with Yahoo but the impact of the breach can only be mitigated by you. So what to do now?

As annoying and intrusive as it is, it is important that you adopt a more serious approach to your online identity and security. This means changing your passwords regularly to something unique and hard to guess. Get a password manager program to help you create and remember those passwords. They’re not expensive, work well and reduce a lot of the pain associated with password management.

Change your passwords at least as often as your program or service recommends. A data breach is worthless if it contains a password no longer being used. Use a monitoring service to look for your info in the wrong places after a data breach occurs.

Lastly, now would be a great time to get rid of your email address. Simpler, more secure options are available which allow you to personalize and customize your email. Get your own domain name for you or your business! And all of your current email and contacts can be migrated directly into your new email server and program. If you need help, give us a call!

Whatever you do, adopt a safer saner approach to data security and breathe a little easier!


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